Home Modification

What is home modification?

Home modification refers to adapting the environment to improve independence, safety, and function. These changes can range from small adjustments, such as rearranging furniture, to large scale remodeling projects. 

Who can benefit?

Home modifications can be relevant to individuals, no matter the age, abilities, or circumstances.  For instance, retirees wanting to prepare their home to be as comfortable and functional as possible as they age; a family of a child with a disability, wanting to adjust their home in preparation for the child's changing needs as s/he grows up; someone with a sudden injury requiring short-term changes to function at home; or someone with a progressive condition, preparing for differing needs over time. By factoring in modifications during early planning stages, it is possible to avoid more urgent, larger scale changes in the future.

What value could an occupational therapist provide to other professionals?

Designers, architects, and remodelers could enhance their service offerings by factoring in the healthcare perspective, demonstrating that they are thinking about the longevity of their designs, ultimately saving customers expenses in the future. With an occupational therapist as part of the team, it is possible to blend expertise to factor in style, budget, and long-term functionality of the home environment.